BETTINA KENNEY was born in the land of the poets & thinkers, ancient forests and fairy tale castles - GERMANY.

Her CHILDHOOD IN ENGLAND probably explains her predilection for the scent of gas cookers, her love for British television & an utter aversion to the misuse of the Saxon genitive.

After attending elementary & secondary school back in Germany
(having a blast as a competitive gymnast, dancer, singer and musician)
Bettina returned to her beloved island to STUDY PERFORMING ARTS at the prestigious LONDON STUDIO CENTRE.

She has since been whirling across stages in occident & orient playing fierce roles in awarded theater productions, and even had the pleasure of performing in front of Leonard Bernstein’s daughter Jamie Bernstein as "ANYBODYS" in the acclaimed production of WEST SIDE STORY at the Komische Oper Berlin.

At one of her first on-camera auditions, actually being called in for a dance part, Bettina ended up with a small role in a big PARAMOUNT MOVIE -
… and that turned out to be the starting signal for her career on the screen.

Now - several years and movies later - she has made a name for herself as a QUADRILINGUAL ACTRESS and highly versatile VOICE ARTIST for film & television.

When not in front of the camera, in the recording studio or on a stage, Bettina is most likely to be seen FLYING AROUND A POLE somewhere on this planet.

Bettina is currently splitting her time between BERLIN and LA.